Stephen Brockerton an experienced commercial photographer with studio space producing stylish and inspiring imagery. With nearly 20 years experience working with high profile commercial clients and agencies as well as his own creative projects of exploration and discovery for exhibition whether its people, products, property, services or events we can help you achieve engaging professional imagery.

We have experience working for a wide range of high profile brands, PR, marketing and advertising agencies as well artists, designers, architects and property management companies in London and throughout the uk producing photo and video imagery for web use, print magazines, newspapers, brochures, press releases and social media.
“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera”
We are able to plan your shoots from studio to sourcing locations, props. models and styling for lifestyle situations. We have a good network of assistants and specialists working with experienced stylists, make up artists to offer flexibility to match your budget and project demands. Our main areas of photography specialism are: